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“We are the core of our real estate assets and we ensure quality through innovation”

Koenie Vermeulen

Koenie Vermeulen

Business Unit Manager

“We ensure optimal efficiency whilst eliminating the unforeseen costs related with quality asset maintenance and project execution”

At CIS Integrated Services, our focus is on extraordinary proficiency, driven by our entrepreneurial and innovative skill and core focus. We ensure delivery efficiency and quality in all of our services; secure processes and resources, high level yield enhancement projects, construction and maintenance, steel and civil works, security, hygiene, pest control, landscaping, proactive and reactive maintenance, and yield maintenance services, delivered efficaciously and professionally through our dynamic Businesses in Business (BIB), Pakisa Dynamic Engineering and Bafenyi Integrated Services.

We drive entrepreneurship and skill development, hiring the best in their fields ensuring delivery satisfaction. Our processes are safety-orientated, environmentally sound and cost effective, best of all our team of skilled professionals is readily available and driven to deliver high quality products and services.

 CIS Integrated Services aims to be an all-inclusive service provider, with a continuous focus on skill development, staff engagement and structure integration to deliver proficient services that are equally self-sustainable and holistic.

Our Businesses

Security | Hygiene | Landscaping

“We are the professional approach to integrated services”

At Bafenyi Integrated Services our mission, driven by our values is to provide exceptional services in the security, hygiene and landscaping fields that are conducted in a manner that is timeous, quality driven, efficient and cost effective. We aim to become a world-class integrated services provider on both a National and International level. We are a truly integrated services organisation, providing value through synergy, technology and interdependence.

Johan Boshoff

Business Unit Manager, Bafenyi Security

Amy Prinsloo

Amy Prinsloo

Business Unit Manager, Bafenyi Landscaping & Hygiene



· Protection of company assets, employees, visitors and the premises.

· Enforce policies and procedures of the client.

· Protect the client’s valuable and confidential data.

· Report all health and safety hazards to the client



· Maintaining overall cleanliness of the client’s property;

· Performing cleanliness duties in a manner that is efficient and effective;

· Using good-quality and safe cleaning equipment/tools/chemicals that are environment friendly;

· Ensuring a pest-controlled environment in adherence to the governing rules and regulations;

· Providing deep-cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing services as and when required;



· Maintain general exterior overview of the client’s property through maintenance of the turf;

· Provide advice to our client on landscaping;

· Monitor trees to identify any hazards and maintain their structural nature;

· Contribute to the nature and environmental conservation;



Our Businesses

Construction | Maintenance | Electrical | Plumbing

“We are the professional approach to integrated services”

At Pakisa Dynamic Engineering, we strive to provide customer satisfaction by ensuring that your assets generate a satisfactory return on investment, all whilst maintaining sustainability and efficiency. Driven by our values; excellence, integrity and quality, our vision is to be the leading construction and maintenance organisation by delivering phenomenal service through dedication, collaboration, focus on human resource investment and upholding and exceeding the client’s expectation. Our aim is to be positioned well enough that we can acquire empty properties and build from the foundation up, managing the process from inception to completion.

Ewan de Klerk

Business Unit Manager

Available around the clock

We ensure all client’s needs are met at any time of the day. We do emergencies, call-outs and Service Level agreements.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We continously value your feedback and aim to always improve.

Highly Skilled Staff

All our staff comply with industry standards while we ensure the execution of projects are always above expectations.

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